Fabio Muscillo and Raul Kerimov Sponsors Day - Dental Masters

Fabio Muscillo and Raul Kerimov Sponsors Day

Fabio Muscillo and Raul Kerimov

Fabio Muscillo
Raul Kerimov

Specialist of the medical college at the Crimean Medical University named after S.I. Georgievsky (Crimea Ukraine 2006). Specialization in dental prosthetics.
Practice in the dental clinic “Neodent” (Crimea Simferopol 2008). Practice in the
dental laboratory “Pearls” (KharkovUkraine 2011). Continues training as an oral
hygienist at the Higher Institute of Professional Education Claudio Galeno
(Alcobendas Spain). Head of the dental technician at the Calp Kromalident
laboratory, who is the official distributor of DYNA (Madrid Spain 2014). Chief
specialist in aesthetic restorations at the Villadental laboratory (San Sebastian de
los Reyes Spain 2016). From mid-2016 to the present, he has been working closely
with the dental laboratory “Studio de Tecnología Dental” in the city of Madrid
Spain. He took courses from such masters as: Luis Mampel (Spain), Mitsutaka
Fukushima (Japan), Stefan Picha (Germany), Javier Pimienta (Spain). I got my
diploma in the Official School of Foreign Languages ​(Spain 2018) and was awarded the C1 level of the Spanish language